eFinance and the Air Force

Staff Sgt. Keaton Truman, 36th Mobility Response Squadron mobility crew chief, marshals in a C-130J Super Hercules with the 347th Airlift Wing from Yokota Air Base, Japan, at the Saipan International Airport, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Nov. 10, 2018. Service members from Joint Region Marianas and U.S. Indo-Pacific Command are providing Defense Department support to the CNMI's civil and local officials as part of the FEMA-supported Super Typhoon Yutu recovery efforts. (U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Joshua J. Garcia)

eFinance is the leading national developer of digital payments infrastructure, powering Egypt’s growing digital economy. Founded in 2005, e-finance serves the government, businesses, and citizens with the convenience of online financial services. The company’s innovative solutions include full-featured Card center personalization capabilities, as well as card processing & settlements.

eFinance empowers consumers and businesses alike by reducing transaction costs, expediting the online processing of documents, and providing instant information to decision makers. Online finance can also be used to increase internal business functions’ efficiency and reduce costs. For example, e-finance can provide personalized information to customers, enabling one-to-one marketing.

eFinance has a number of advantages for both the Air Force and the civilian community. The Air Force has seen great success with eFinance, and the benefits are now available for home users with a common access card reader and home-use software. It is also available through the Air Force Portal, which has been welcomed by reservists who do not have regular access to government computers. Using an easy-to-understand question-and-answer session, eFinance takes users step-by-step through their entitlements and services.

eFinancePLUS helps districts manage day-to-day financial processes and fiscal information. The eFinancePLUS financial solution can streamline accounting processes, provide superior data access, and provide actionable insight for district decision-makers. In addition, the eFinancePLUS system integrates with other eFinancePLUS software and 5.0 systems.

Several Air Force bases have used eFinance to make it easier for employees to manage their pay, and the eFinance system allows them to file non-Defense Travel System travel pay documents online. The Air Force’s 628th CPTS was one of the first to test the system in this manner. The eFinance system provides a secure, paperless filing process with automated assistance.

eFinance is Egypt’s first national developer of digital payments infrastructure, driving Egypt’s growing digital economy. Founded in 2005, e-finance provides convenience to government, businesses, and citizens through a comprehensive digital payments platform. Its Card center features full-featured personalization and leverage of card processing & settlements to streamline government, business, and citizen payment processes.

eFinance also allows organizations to consolidate and distribute business processes electronically. It transforms financial data into business rules and intelligence, increasing the knowledge of an organization. Its architecture includes database servers and application servers, which distribute information to end-users. Client computers are typically used as clients. However, the integration of processes is not an easy task.

A self-help area is available for those who have difficulty logging into the system. A member outside of the Buckley database is given a local account where they can access the system and complete eFinance documents and PIPS vouchers. The self-help area also includes three scanner/printers for members to upload documents.

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